Class program

Each child in Law's class chose one animal and one insect to study over the past couple weeks
They filled a field journal with pictures and facts they'd learned.
Then had a class program today
Ashtyn, Grey, Grandma & Grandpa Newman, and I got to go watch :)
They came to school dressed as their subjects
Law chose a grasshopper and peregrine falcon -of course :)
They sang cute little songs then went to their designated "habitats" so all the parents could go around and ask what they were and 3 interesting facts about "them".
I'm so bummed I forgot my camera but took a couple bad shots with my phone.
Here they are waiting to start
Law sang SO quietly compared to what I'm used to 
-he was probably SO busy talking that he forgot to learn all the words. ;)
I was actually tearing up over the whole thing I must be hormonal lol 
It's just that he's getting so old and I love him to bits!
Law was a "Grass-Falcon" and his 3 facts were:
1-He could dive 200MPH
2- He can jump 20 times his size
3-there are 11,000 species of grasshoppers


The Eldredge's said…
Aww such a cute "Grass-Falcon"!! He is getting so grown up! I heard Peregrine Falcon in a movie the other day and of course thought of Law! He is so awesome!!

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