my boy

oh how I love Law! It seems your babies grow up so fast -too fast! Law has grown up in SO
many ways this past year its hard to believe he was ever so small. He's tackled the challenge
of being a big brother for a year now -and he acts like one too! Always looking out for Grey
whether a child takes a toy from Grey, He's walking towards a flight of stairs, going to close
to the street, eating something of the floor, or touching the garbage can Law is right there to
solve any problems or right any wrongs. This growing up so fast often worries me, he should
be worried about playing not following his brother around just incase something happens I don't
want him to suffer from anxiety for crying out loud! But I know it is an outward expression of
the love and care he has for his baby brother and he truly does have a good intent. Today as
he was sitting on 'the pot' Cole and I were outside the door talking as I started to sound a
little frustrated I hear from inside the bathroom, "Mom, you speak nicely." He cracks me up
I love this big/little guy so much! He's is such a wonderful blessing!


Mom said…
He is such a caring and careful child as well as having so much natural athletic talent, he is so fun to watch. I also love seeing how his mind works, it is great!

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