Baby Grey Goose

I love Grey like crazy! He's that little spot of brightness on a dark day, he is blessed with a gift that I'm trying so hard to acquire ...cheerfulness! No matter what is happening at the time he could fall down, or not get exactly what he wants -he's upset for exactly 1.5 seconds before he decides its not worth ruining his day so he chooses to be happy. I shouldn't call him a baby he's walking and working really hard at talking, he has a mind of his own and by-golly he IS GOING TO USE IT! He decides what he wants to do, what -and where- he wants to eat, when he wants to sleep, and much more! But, you know, some how I feel he will always be my little baby even after this next one comes. People always said I'd love my boys equally just for different reasons -and they were right! Grey has a way of just melting my heart, its crazy, it helps that his smile is contagious, but one of the big things is how much of Cole I see in him from those dark chocolate eyes to his wide bright smile even the way he dances I LOVE IT! He has brought a peace into our family that I never knew was missing I love this little boy and am so excited to watch him grow! I hope he always chooses to use his gift of cheer!


Mom said…
He's definitely a keeper, I love his cheerful attitude too!

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