much needed

I'm so excited! This week we're having a much needed, well over-due family stay-cation! We will be taking small road trips, going fishing, visiting the zoo, having bbq's, going to the live aquarium, and who knows what other fun and crazy things! I'm so happy we get this opportunity to spend time -just us, our little family! This weekend will be great too! We're having Shane, Mindy, and Marshal over for our traditional waffles and conference :) then some of my family is coming over for Easter Sunday celebration! I love having things to look forward to -especially when I'm pregnant it makes it go by so much faster! Hope you all have a great week!


The Eldredge's said…
Sounds like tons of fun!! I wish you could come have a Texas stay-cation!! Miss you!! Send me those pics so I can update your blog header also choose a new background and get it put on there so I know what to match it with.
Love ya!!
Jessica Newman said…
This will be the longest post ever. I tried to send you an email, but the address I have for you wouldn't work, so here it is on your blog!

I just got your comment.
I have known for a long time that the positive outlook I enjoy most of the time is a gift. I recognized early on in my life that my mom was always happy and positive.
Not that I wanted to be just like my mom, but I knew I wanted that quality. In college I remember getting blessings from bishops that would talk about my gift of cheerfulness. I am very lucky to have it.
I know it does not come naturally to everyone, but I also know that happiness is a choice.
We have agency and we are able to choose our attitudes in all situations. Sometimes I choose the lower road. I choose to be angry or upset and I am completely aware that it is the wrong choice.
Even if you have to pretend to be positive and happy at first, practice makes perfect.
Find little moments in your day that you look forward to that calm you down and clear your mind. For me those moments are my morning workouts and reading the blogs that I follow. It is just a little bit of me time, but it helps balance out everything else in the day.
I know it can seem overwhelming with a house full of kids and a husband that is gone all of the time, but I am learning the importance of finding "joy in the journey".
It is so easy to say; later when we are done with school, later when we have money, later when the kids are grown, later when I sleep all night long! But it is important to be happy in our current situations. Find joy in the little things. I often pray that I will be able to recognize those little happy moments in the day. There is so much going on sometimes we miss them.
I am so glad you have such a fun week planned and how great that you get to be with some family this weekend. We are having an egg hunt on Saturday and on Sunday we are getting together with some of our great friends for a traditional passover dinner! Kind of strange to have a "jewish" themed meal on Easter, but I think it will be fun!
I hope you are able to be up and around during your pregnancy. I hope the summer is not too hot! I always seem to be pregnant over the summer. Last year I just sat in the pool the whole time. This year I am actually expected to look good in a bathing suit!
Your little boys are beautiful. They look just like miniature versions of Cole, but you are in there too!
Have a great week and a Happy Easter!

-Jessica (one of many) :)
Rochelle said…
Yeah!! That sounds like lots of fun! Too bad the baby giraffe died....but enjoy your week and we will have to totally plan something fun for us to do together in May!! I love the zoo but ain't doing that again anytime soon -not without a wheelchair! LOL
Mom said…
It was great to be there for Easter, you were a great hostess and it was a great meal. Always special to spend time with you, Cole and the boys! Love ya tons.

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