Halloween -a little late

Ok here is my Halloween post:

Our Halloween wasn't very eventful. Law and I were both sick so I thought I would try to cheer us up by going into town and picking out a pumpkin to come home and carve. After driving 30 minutes and going to 4 or 5 different stores, we came home -pumpkinless! Apparently you cannot buy pumpkins ON Halloween you must do it BEFORE. So we grabbed a pumpkin shake on the way home to share -which turned out to be a bad idea since both of us were already suffering from stomachaches DUH! Anyway Cole came home and I decided that we should still try trick-or-treating with Law. It was the first year he'd be able to and I didnt want to miss it! So we got dressed up -except Cole who decided he didn't want to after all. I went as a snowboard chick (so basically myself in the winter) and Law was a doctor -a cute one! We went up and down only one street and just as Law was getting the point of things it started to rain so we went home. Here is a pic of Law in his scrubs and labcoat he was very tired after trick-or-treating!

I guess the idea of trick-or-treating stuck with him. For a few days after Halloween any time we'd go on a walk he'd try to run up to all the neighbors doors and knock -EVERY HOUSE!


The Eldredge's said…
Cute!! He is such a doll!! I miss you guys!!
Jessica Newman said…
My kids were sick too! By the end of the night Max was so hoarse he could no longer say trick or treat. It was sad, but he was happy about all of the candy! Law is an adorable doctor, by the way!
Oh, sorry the night wasn't all you had hoped, but very memorable for sure! Law looks so cute!
Mom said…
Sounds like loads of fun to trick or treat but not fun to be sick!

Love you guys!
Jessica said…
So sorry you two were sick!
I just don't know why the "doctor" didn't make everyone feel better!!!!!
What a cute little guy!
Hope the sickness is gone far far away!
Mindy said…
Jess!!! He is so cute!!! That picture is adorable, I love it. I hope you are both feeling better.

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