Law's recent favorite activities-

Reading -NAKED!
Walking down the hall, reading -NAKED!
and talking on his phone to Aunt "MWEA" (Maria) -NAKED!
OK. So obviously he has learned to take his diaper off! What is the deal with this kid and his naked time!?


The Eldredge's said…
That is way too cute!!! I love it!! I am glad he still likes his cell phone and that he likes to talk to me!! I really love it when he really calls me from your cell phone!! And the nakedness, I wonder where he gets that from? hmmm??? LOL
Rochelle Overy said…
You're back!! It's been so long!! Cute new background...I love it!
Hmm...... I wonder where he gets his need for naked time, hmm.....

Way cute update to the blog by the way! Did you get that picture I took of you guys off perhaps??

I am glad to see that you are writing again, I hope you are feeling well!

Love you tons!
Rachael said…
hehe! He is so cute! Keaton just got out of the stage where he takes off his diaper.
Love the new look your blog has, way cute!
Jessica Newman said…
I just found your blog and it is sooo cute! We miss everyone and hope you guys are great. Law is way cute!
Jessica said…
Hey Cole and Jessica!!!! Cole, this is your long lost cousing Jessica!!! Grandma Newman gave me Ty's blog address tonight and then I linked to you from theirs. What a cute little family you have.

I wrote Ty and told him, that I seriously don't even know when the last time I saw him was - or even talked to him. And that is the same for YOU too! Crazy Crazy!

Well thanks to the blogging world, I can keep in touch with you guys. I have a blog too - sweet huh?!! Although mine is private and I don't have your email address to send you an evite so email me at:, so I can send you one - if you'd like of course.

Congrats on the new addition. Grandma Newman is really rakin' in the great grandkids! What a joyous blessing for them.

Hope to hear from you soon!!
Jessica said…
Could you give me Natalie's email too - and get her to start a blog!!!

Thanks tons!
Mindy said…
I love it! He is so stinkin cute!
Mom said…
What a cute little boy! I agree with Maria and Diana, I can't imagine where the streaking comes from!

Love ya

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