an over-due update

Here's the update
Cole has started school again and that has kept him pretty busy, he has also been teaching a lot of classes, and working hard! I'm so grateful I have him, he is such a hardworker, so motivated and ambitious.
Law is growing and growing! He unveils new talents and abilities everyday, he is a handful for sure -I LOVE IT! He is all over the place it is so much fun! I am so happy I get to be a stay at home mom, It seems like he changes so fast I am so blessed to be able to enjoy this special time with him.
I am alive and kicking -well the baby is kicking I am just alive. I am out of the morning sickness phase for the most part so that has been a nice change. Apparently it looks like we are having another boy! I am so excited the only problem is we cant think of ANY names! So if any of you have suggestions feel free to share!
Well I think that's about it. I should be posting more frequently now -well, hopefully!


The Eldredge's said…
It's about time you update!! ; ) I'm glad you are doing well!! What do you think of the name Thatcher? I saw it on a website the other day and I thought it was really cute!! I'll let you know if I think of anymore!!
Love ya!!
Rochelle Overy said…
A boy!! What the heck!! Chinese Lunar calendar my butt...that is crazy, but it will be a lot cheaper since you have all the clothes already!! Plus little boys love their mommies!! Thanks for the update and I am glad everything is going well. Do you think you can convince Cole to name the new baby, that name you really liked but it was the name of another boy Cole knew...Does that make sense?? Maybe it's been long enough!
Jessica said…
Whoo Hoo!!!! Another little boy - how fun!! I should know since I have 2 boys of my own, I am a little partial I guess.
But I do agree with you, Boys names are a little harder. Good Luck with that!

What a supportive wife you are while Cole is "hard at it".
You're alive!! I am so glad to see you posting again! I am so excited to have another nephew!
Rachael said…
What happened to the name Finn? I already decided that is what you are going to name him.
I wish Gavin didn't have afternoon preschool so we could hang out more. Its such a pain. I want to come down and visit. Are you free a week from tomorrow? I swear I will be there even if my mom is being a skank. Let me know k?

Also here are my one syllable boy named:

I think a one syllable theme is the way to go!
Tashina said…
I am so glad to know that you are still alive! Where have you been the last few weeks? I am missing you!
mom said…
Great to hear you're alive!! I think it's really hard to decide on names, the poor kid is stuck for the rest of his life with whatever it is, what a responsibility!!! Good luck deciding!

Now you have added the task of deciding too names with the dog and all!

Love ya loads and give squeezes to that cute little Law!

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