greetings from the grave!

We're all doing great! Including Grey my computer is temporarily dead, so blogging will be put off for now! Thanks for being patient with me, and also for all the prayers for Grey. I'll be updating everything -with pics (including a belly pic or two for Rochelle!)- just as soon as I get my computer fixed!


Heather said…

Congrats on cute little Grey!!! How exciting! I'm still wondering how people have 2's hard enough. I'll have my turn someday though.
Jessica said…
Can't wait to hear from ya!
Congratulations on your little bundle. I am so sorry that I haven't called to check up on you more often. I have thought about you tons! I love and miss you!

The Eldredge's said…
Hey girlie!!
I'm glad you got to do a little update. I can't wait until you get your computer up and going so we can see more pics of Grey!! I miss an love you tons!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Cole Jessica
This is your anut Tena love looking at you guys I hope everything is going good with Gray My email is let me know how things are.Grandma Newman said you was going to bless Gray next month . Let me know I would love to see if I could be there
love Tena

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