Hey everyone, I know it is super annoying when you have to sign in to view a blog :s -but by my husband's request we're going private so either leave your email address, or send it to me at jessica@untergeek.net so I can add you to our invitee list! Thanks!


Tashina said…
Hey, girl! My e-mail is princess_t_13@hotmail.com... Don't laugh, I'm just too lazy to change it!! I am glad to see some pics of your boys on here! They are so cute, and I can't believe how old Law is looking these days. He looks like such a boy! And Grey is getting so big! Good job, Mama!!
Jessica said…
Don't forget ME and my motha!!!

Hess said…

Love to keep tabs with you!!!

Rochelle said…
It makes me feel so much better to be private...though it is a hassle! Please invite me since I am such a slacker and never make it out to Eagle Mtn!!!
Me said…
Hi! I'd love to be able to still follow your blog! My email is elizabeth5520@gmail.com. Again, Congratulations on your addition! Both of your boys are adorable!
Mindy said…
Hi J. My email is peacockm77@hotmail.com
Jessica Newman said…
Do you have a different site name now? My email is tysgirlygirl@yahoo.com
Let us know!
Georgia said…
i hope I get to be on your blog.

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