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I tell you my life could not be more blessed I have a wonderful family, a comfortable home in a neighborhood full of friends, a loving husband, and beautiful children. This post I turn your attention to my amazing friend Rachael (again) she does so much for me and my family and is constantly blessing our lives with her talents. Ray has captured so many cherished moments for our family with her heaven-sent talents! Here are just a few-
cole calls this sexy Law -I just think it's cute!
another big-eyed boy what would I do without them?!
if you're interested in Rachael's photography,
or just want to see more breath-taking photo's
turn up the volume enter fullscreen and grab
some tissues, you'll be glad you did!


Jessica said…
Cute cute cute!!!
Ummm.. Mr. Law is TOTALLY Cole!
Grey has changed so much!
The Eldredge's said…
SOOOO CUTE!!! Your boys are adorable and Rachael is so talented!! I miss you!! Call me some time!!
Cute Jess! I love the beanie on Grey's head. Adorable! I miss you Cole and the boys so much! Come visit!!!!!!! Check out my blog!
Rochelle said…
Your boys are sooo cute! I can't believe how grown up Law looks!!
Tashina said…
They are both looking so old all of the sudden! Your friend is awesome!
Mindy said…
I love the pictures! SOOO Cute! I looked at her website, she really is amazing. I love the pictures of you guys on there!

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