my cute kiddos!

they're the best! and the most fun!
Law has the imagination of 5,000 kids! He's something new everyday whether its an animal or a person from a movie or ANYTHING! The other day in nursery the teacher asked everyone to say their name and their favorite animal Law said "my name is hiccup and I like my pet dragon!" in his mind the world has endless possibilities! Law will turn 4 this year, he is getting so old and remembers EVERYTHING -so watch out! He loves to sing and play games like; hide and seek, duck duck goose, uno, and don't break the ice! He prays so well and loves to 'read' scriptures a couple nights ago we sat down for scriptures and he said "I want to read first" He opened his book of mormon and said "once upon a time, it came to pass there was lehi -he's good, and king noah -HE'S BAD! there was Alma and he has a dad named Alma too!..."
I was totally shocked I can't believe he remembered so many random things! -and that he was actually listening all those times lol!
I love him SO MUCH!
Grey is a blast he is the epitome of 'happy go lucky' he's super cheerful and loves to play pretend -usually with Law but occasionally all on his own too! Grey is super loving and it's so great because I LOVE the spontaneous hugs, kisses, and snuggles! Grey will turn 2 this year -but he seems so much older! I think having older siblings might make them grow up faster ?? He can say a prayer, count to 10, and recognizes a few letters like A L and G. Grey LOVES his baby sister and pretty much everything baby! Strollers, Dolls, baby blankets, you name it! Law has a giant dinosaur that Grey wraps up in a blanket and carries around like a baby its super cute! -But dont let that fool you this kid is all boy! He also takes 'said dino' to destroy whatever village Law creates lol! If there is an adventure to be had Grey is there! He's the curious, climber! He loves sports and although he doesn't have the natural niche for them like Law he doesn't give up and he keeps trying and gets better at -shooting a basket, hitting a baseball, and kicking a soccer ball into the net! He's a wonderful boy and I love him SO MUCH!

p.s. did I mention he LOVES to dance and can't help himself whenever/wherever he hears music!
And there's Ashtyn, she's my baby girl and although I never was super girly I find myself oohing over frills, bows, headbands, bracelets, earrings, dresses, shoes, bloomers, leggings, nail polish, and anything that sparkles! I get the feeling that SHE is very girly and I LOVE IT! Ashtyn to me is the most beautiful baby in the world! Besides her blue eyes with long dark lashes, soft dark hair, and smile that makes your heart so happy you could die! she has the most beautiful spirit and is full of love for her family! -which just adds so much to this beautiful princess of mine! Ashtyn is 4 months old and just started rolling over she's been a talker since birth and LOVES attention! -which is good because she gets plenty of it! She captivates her brothers with every squirm and giggle -and she loves when they to talk to her!
Ashtyn is such a sweet baby and I love her SO MUCH!
I just shaved her head last week and her hair is already growing so fast! I'll have to get some pics up!


Jessica Newman said…
She is going to be so beautiful. I wish I was there so I could hold her! I am so baby hungry. I wish Ty was too!
The Eldredge's said…
It's about time you post on your blog!! I can't believe how big Ashtyn is getting already!! She is so beautiful!! It is so funny how she is such a good mix of Grey & Law!! I love Law's hoodie towel/mask outfit!! So cute!! When Grey held up the coins at the end of the music video I thought it was a lighter that he was going to do the sway the lighter back and forth to the music!! LOL!! I am weird I know!! It kills me that I am missing them grow up!! I get to see Diana's kids growing and it just makes me wish we could all be together!! I miss you tons!! At least we can be on the phone for hours right!! LOL!! Love ya!!
Rochelle said…
So freaking cute! Your kids and my kids would have so much fun! I just wish I didn't work and we lived closer!
Rachael said…
They are all getting so big! I don't even recognize Ashtyn anymore. She's so cute! We need to get together!
Mom said…
All the children are growing up so fast! I am so glad that you live closer to us because then I get to play with them more often. I agree with the assessment of Law, imagination to the max, I love it.

Grey is Mr. Love, but also Mr. Tough, it is such a cute combination, I love it.

Ashtyn is just plain fun and warms the heart with her smile and snuggling into your neck when you hold her, it is so special.

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