We are getting a yard YAY!! Not getting as in the future but as in NOW! like yesterday the sprinkling system was finished -incl an impressive garden system ;)the yard leveled and beautified, the curbing put in all lovely! I got a couple GORGEOUS apple trees to plop in, and our grass will be here in a couple weeks!!! WOOHOO!! I'm so EXCITED!! -did I mention how happy I am about this!?! 


The Eldredge's said…
I'm so excited for you!!! I hope it turns out great! Hopefully it will be nice and green by the time we come in June so I can lay in it and enjoy not getting eaten alive by fire ants!! Love ya sissy!!
Brandy_Webb said…
i'm happy for you jess.... miss you as a neighbor like crazy. i just found out yesterday im having twins. can u believe it??? i wish u were here

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