summer recap

finished the Book of Mormon and had our traditional reward of Hogle Zoo fun!
our family's fav is the bird show!
and of course the kiddos love the playground
We got to have the Mildenstein cousins at our house for a few days!
it was a BLAST!
Mater lives in our little town so we went to visit him
we also went fishing, to the pool, the temple, and they taught me the cupid shuffle :)
Love that SAMBONI!
Man I miss them I should've got more pics!
WE (-Cole) enjoyed many a sunny day at the pool :D
I can't get over all those cute rolls!
We camped out in the Uintahs and Tushars with our awesome friends the Gurleys I love that they have boys pretty close to our boys' ages they play SO WELL together! Should've got pics!!
We did the Newman family reunion and had so much fun with everyone! We all went to the rodeo and camped out in Gma and Gpa Newman's backyard :) It was so great to have everyone together! Should've got pics of that too! :/ Bummer
We did our traditional family stay-cation:)
We twisted Gpa Mote's arm and all went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum it ROCKED!
 We even got to play dress-up! and fly simulators!
 we decided I look pretty awesome in a flight & G suit so I may be a fighter pilot later in life ;) 
We also hit up Union Station on our stay-cation
It had 3 amazing museums!
Union Pacific: trains -of course

 Union Station also has a Browning Firearm museum!
There was also a VERY impressive car museum that I LOVED!
For some reason we didn't get any pics of it :(
Then time to go home
On the way home we stopped by my brother's place to say hi since he was back from Cali for the weekend. They were having a Captain America party so he gave the boys some masks 
aaannnnd REFUSED to take them off..
after stay-cation back to real life
lots of playing!
-yes this is what I look like doing my job on a regular day. Do you love how my hair is always a frizzy disaster? lol-
Cole and I had a great time coaching Law's T-ball team
Law really loved it too!

Law also had his first school experience HE LOVED IT and did SO well!
Law was helpful and listened well to the teachers -who say he gifted :D -but we already knew that!
we love our LAW!
Here he is doing his "show and tell" for the camera
He wanted to bring a Peregrine Falcon !!
After we explained that that would be illegal and dangerous he settled for pics of one
AND he insisted on one more take while waiting for the bus :)
Grey has discovered his comedian side this summer from funny faces to quoting movies this kid is a RIOT!
I so dearly love this happy boy:)

here's one of my favs :) -do you know what its from?
Ashtyn learned so much this summer
how to manipulate, kiss, and say -daddy ;)
Cole is seriously in trouble this girl has him wrapped around her finger I love it!
She got her first 6 teeth and went from starting baby food and sitting up to table food and WALKING! 
-those chunky thighs don't ever stop and just can't get enough to eat!
After a few more campouts and many successful fishing trips our summer ended
We had a great summer!
how was yours?


MaRea Hess said…
What a fun summer!! You are one hot mom....,really who looks as hot as you after three kids in 3 years!
Rachael said…
So cute J! Your family is so cute and it looks like you had such a fun summer! Miss you guys, lets hang out sometime :)

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