we closed on our new house and got it all cleaned up

THEN the movers came.....Let's not talk about it
 We've had a lot of adventures so far...
 Finding all sorts of animals
and having a REALLY cute face to convince your mom to keep it
Ashtyn celebrated her 4th bday!
 We've visited A TON of farms & orchards
 Made a couple friends

 had Halloween
 and snow days
we were able to visit Utah and Idaho for Thanksgiving it was short and we didn't really have much time but it was good and I loved being able to see some family there!
We came home and got all ready for Christmas
Had class parties
 decorated a tree

 Made cookies

 Christmas Eve

Ashtyn just cant hold still lol!
For some reason I didn't get any pics on Christmas :( but it was good too!
We had new years with a few friends and our four missionaries it was so much fun!
And that just about catches you up on our Missourian adventure!


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