Halloween was a bust :( 
We all dresses up as cowboys and cowgirls, we looked fantastic! -no pictures:(
We made mummy hotdogs for dinner, they were so cute and yummy -no pictures:(
Cole was ornery, Ashtyn was ornery, Law was ornery
and after a major spell of misbehaving from a certain little cowboy 
But pressed on got done with trick-or-treating 
put kids to bed along with myself!
I love this holiday but this year was difficult
oh well better luck next year!
Today has been much better the kiddos are happy! 
Its frosty and cold so we made some nice hot soup and fresh rolls :)
I love Autumn!


The Eldredge's said…
Oh man! I hate it when that happens! I thought for sure our Halloween would be the same as that but Kennadee finally decided to change her attitude a couple hours before it was time to go trick or treating! Luckily there's always next year! Plus the older the kiddos get the more into Trick or treating they get!

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