My hand mixer died
This is the 5th hand mixer I've lost in 6 years
-dang Christmas divinity, gets em every time!
-or Valentine's sugar cookies
-or Thanksgiving crescent rolls
It always happens at the worst time! 
I need to bake SO much more then
It's cold after all!
Anyway I've been doing a little more research
-which usually leads to me justify-ing-ly
spending more money.
Since I don't have a stand mixer 
I usually buy hand mixers with high wattage
-so it's more powerful right??
I think this time I'll actually be investing in a DC mixer
rather than AC 
So the wattage isn't as high 
the wattage it DOES pull is far more effective
ya follow me?
DC (direct current)=less watts, yet more effective= :)
I think if I would've just got one originally it would've paid for itself by now.
I'm liking this one.
It's on kitchenaid's clearance (refurbished)
-which I'm cool with because it's a $100 mixer
that's going for $40 :)
which is only 2x's the cost of a crap mixer I'd just break next fall any how :)


Jessica said…
I support whatever decision you make, but seriously, get yourself a stand mixer. I have had mine since college and my mom had it before that. They last a LONG time!
The Eldredge's said…
You totally need a stand mixer! The Kitchenaid ones are not that much and I love mine!! I love it better than a bosch! Plus if you think of how many times you have to replace your hand mixer you'd be better off to just get a stand mixer. Also with the kitchenaid stand mixer you can use it for all the things you mix with beaters and it's bowl and beaters can go straight into the dishwasher so it's an easy clean up!
Love you!!
Breeze Plumb said…
I haven't owned a kitchen aid before but I am saving up to. i like you keep burning my mixers out.

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