GROSS!... yet funny

So just a few minutes ago in the noisy Newman house hold there was a crash heard. Running to investigate Cole soon discovered something disgustingly hilarious. As most of you know Law has been potty training but has not yet learned to put the seat back down or close the door. Grey had wandered into the bathroom found a hair brush and decided to go fishing with it -in the toilet! Oh but that's not all, being a little top-heavy he fell into the toilet with the lid crashing down and trapping him in! luckily his head was no where near the water but he was SOAKED! Needless to say the next step in potty training for Law will be to put the lid down and close the door!


The Eldredge's said…
Oh poor baby!!! That is so funny though!! It's a good thing his head didn't go in!!
Tashina said…
Hahahaha! That is so funny! I keep waiting for something like that to happen to Avery... Mason is really good about putting the lid down, but she has just learned how to open it, and Mason is not so good at closing the door! :)
Brandy_Webb said…
ok so that was nasty but so funny... your boys are so handsome

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