I was so surprised to get on here and see that 4 people commented -not that four is a ton- I just thought everyone would have stopped checking my blog since its been forever since I've updated.

Having two kids is a RIOT! I just have to tell you how fun it has been. Its crazy to see that two children who come from the same parents, live in the same house, raised with the same rules, and are the same gender are SO completely DIFFERENT!
Law likes to go to bed & get up early
Grey likes to stay up & sleep in
Law was a SUPER particular baby (and still is) who is very serious (and says so on a constant basis "Mom, I'm serious")
Grey is very laid back and playful and smiles and laughs almost constantly
Law has always been good about eating food and generally doesn't complain
Grey is ULTRA picky about eating its gotta be the right temperature, texture, taste and timing
Law is very vocal and LOUD. You know exactly when he's getting into trouble because he gets quiet.
Grey is so quiet you forget he's in the room and never know when he's getting into trouble!
Law was a very determined mover, when he was a baby he'd roll across the apartment for something he wanted -usually that you didn't want him to have.
Grey on the other hand would reach for something (before he was crawling) and I'd scoot it back a little to see if he'd crawl for it, he'd just sit back and look at you as if to say 'ok if you don't want me to have it I wont touch it' -but if he's going to move he wants to walk, he doesn't care how much he falls he just wants to be like the rest of his family!
And these are only a few of the differences!
-anyway there's a little note on being a mommy of two I love it!


Rochelle said…
WOW - two in one week, you are spoiling me! I love your post! and we definitely need to hang out!
Rachael said…
I've missed you blogging Jay! Your two kids are way different. Gavin and Keaton used to be wayyyy different. And they still are different. But they are both really calm. So it makes them a lot the same.
ghj; said…
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P90X Group said…
HOLY COW!!!!! Jay you have come back from the dead, happy day! It's good to see what you have been up to the last year. Post some pics of Grey.


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