holiday recap!

So the boys both enjoyed halloween and got plenty of candy -we took one for the team and ate Grey's ;) Law was a skunk and Grey was a scarecrow. Ray took some pics of them both as skunks it was SUPER CUTE!
We were by ourselves for Thanksgiving and it was really nice. I made the dinner all by myself! and it actually turned out YUMMY!
We didnt get any pics at Christmas or New Year's but we had a great time at Grandpa Mike & Grandma Jina's for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, then went to the Newman's for Christmas dinner and had fun there too!
New year's was fun. Dave, Cole, and I stayed up, ate good food and just relaxed it was great!


The Eldredge's said…
So cute!! I love their costumes!! I love the pilgrim garb too!! SOOOO cute!! I need to see these boys!!!

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