...a few of LAW's favorite things...

So I was just talking with Law as he ate his snack, asking him questions. When I noticed we were on a roll I grabbed a pen and paper and took some notes!
Here are Law's favorite things:
color: green and blue
drink: chocolate milk and water
food: chicken nuggets (I really think its alfredo sauce on penne)
fruit: peaches
vegetable: broccoli
treat: fruit snacks
toy: monster truck
thing to play: cars
movie: the fox and the hound
number: 3
letter: L
shape: stars
to play outside: snow
friend: Grandma and Grandpa
book: it's not easy being big
animal: horses
song: the stand up song
bug: the word world ant -and butterflies
place to go: Gunnison Market


The Eldredge's said…
So cute!! I love that boy!! He is adorable!! I love that his favorite bug is the word world ant!! How cute!! Love you guys!!
Mom said…
Cute, cute, cute!!! I just love his answers!

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