two months

My beautiful daughter Ashtyn,
You're now 2 months old. At your check up you weighed just over 9lbs and measured 22in long a huge improvement, yet you're still so tiny! I love you so much it's unbelievable how a person's love can grow with more children and not just be divided among them. You have brought something so new, wonderful, and unexpected to our family I haven't quite figured out a word for it but it, like you, is AMAZING! You've changed my whole world and everyone in it. The soft tone, touch, and look in your father's eyes; Law's need to talk to you, pray for you, and tell you goodnight; and Grey's oblivious lively manner, turning to conscious attentiveness when you are around -always wanting to hold and kiss you, his excitement over every move and sound you make -All these new things make me realize just how remarkable you are. You play a very important role in our family -one that, up until your birth, I did not realize we needed so much! I have been shown the importance of women in a way that I had not ever known, you've softened our hearts in a way we all desperately needed, you are such a blessing -especially to me! Thank you for coming to our family you are such a sweet note to end our childbearing years on! I hope you realize how wonderful you are!
Love, Mom


Rochelle said…
awww that's so sweet...I want a baby girl now!!!
The Eldredge's said…
I'm crying here!!! That was so sweet!! I love you guys and am so happy to have another sweet niece in the family!!

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