one of those days...

I'm debating tying this one to me...
All three kids are sick. After an extremely whiny day Grey fell asleep on me at 5:30pm so it shouldn't have been any surprise that he was up at 4am and has been up to mischief ever since.
I turn my back for a second and he's up to something -which is actually pretty normal for him but today with sick kids and the fact that I'm dragging from so little sleep -it seems to be intensified!
After drinking Cole's cologne and spitting it ALL OVER I put him in the shower, Natalie came to listen to Ashtyn's lungs and see if she was wheezing (thanks you Nat!), the internet guy called to ask questions about the problems we've been experiencing, after that's taken care of I check on the shower POOP! I've never had this happen before, and am quite upset because I LOVE my shower! He pooped in the shower -yeah ok so not entirely his fault but he was stomping in the poop and mashed it all up! I tell him to stay there and RUN to get stuff to clean it up come back around the corner and there he is naked and wet ON MY CARPET! seriously?!? get it all cleaned up Law's crying lunch Ashtyn's screaming and grey still needs to get dressed!
so I dress the boy -to prevent any further messes! Take care of Ashtyn get lunch ready and Law wants to bless the food -he does it all the time and usually says the exact same things. However; this time he goes along and blesses everyone as usual then says -and please bless the food wont kill us-
I HAD to laugh
it was that moment I decided that stressing over everything just wasn't worth it I'd rather just let it go and laugh :)
*but I probably will be tying Grey to me -just to keep an eye on him! :)*


Rochelle said…
Sounds like a fun day! I hate seems like everything happens all at once. Good thing we have sweet spirits like Law to keep us looking at all the positives and not going crazy!

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