Gone to Italy :)

Ok so obviously we weren't really in Italy 
-I got this cute idea from The Dating Divas 
so I thought we'd give it a try :) 
Check list:
1: Cute invitation to delivery to your Italian Stallion
2: YUMMY Italian cuisine
3: the arts 
A-each of you draw what you imagine Italy to look like -then share
B-each of you mold something that resembles or symbolizes the other
4: watch a foreign film -or just The Italian Job :) 
So we had dinner with the kids got them off to bed and started our night which turned out to be -well, interesting hahaha.
We drew pictures of Italy here is Cole's
Super cute right?! That's us kissing on a gondola -awesome!
ok here's mine-
It's Cole holding a rifle -is there any other way to depict a Newman boy?
SERIOUSLY!!??? *%$#
Yeah go ahead and laugh if you want but I was a little less than amused.
We had italian cream sodas and popcorn and watched the Italian job :)
HOORAY for trying to spice up dates at home BOO for clay modeling! lol!


The Eldredge's said…
Leave it to Cole!!! Oh my gosh!! That is pretty funny though! At least he thinks you are hot right??LOL!! Sounds like a fun date otherwise!!
Rochelle said…
Well that does depict you really well! LOL - sounds like a fun night!

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