Happy Birthday Baby Law

I can't believe he's turned 4! 4 is not that old but still I HAVE A FOUR-YEAR-OLD!? 
Crazier than that -he'll be going to pre-school this fall!?!?
I know most people are sending their kids at 3 these days but come on!
How do you know a good school, a good teacher, will he be safe, will he make friends, will people understand him, will he be made fun of, will he want to be home, will he struggle, will he be bossy, will he listen to the teacher? 
I'm freaking out I'll be completely honest I had a major anxiety attack about it last night 
to the point of being that creepy mom in love you forever -let's be honest -cute in theory
Come on he's a grown man his mom uses a ladder to climb into his window crawls across the floor and rocks him while he sleeps?!
They make horror films with less creepy characters than this woman!
Yet last night I definitely found myself as her haha
Don't know what happened:
one minute putting away his laundry next thing I know I'm crying and holding his hand while he slept
After such much needed praying and a wonderful morning discussion with my now 4-year-old :)
I'm feeling much better about the whole thing :)
ANYWHO! Here are some highlights from his birthday
Law loves decorations! It's pretty much his favorite part of holidays and birthdays :)
So we went all out balloons and streamers all over the house! We did it the night before so he'd wake up so excited and amazed :)
Here's one of his room -the pics don't capture it really cuz it was awesome!
In the morning he opened presents and we had chocolate chip M&M pancakes
-the kid LOVES chocolate
Cole brought home his cake for lunch
-dont think we're crazy THIS was what he specifically requested
he said "mom I want a cake with a gun, a guy, and a deer -like a hunting cake"
I was going to go with How to train your Dragon 
but what can ya do ;)

Then we went bowling and out to Denny's for dinner
He LOVES going out to eat and all things breakfast so we knew he'd like it 
he even downed a grand slam all by his self!
Law you are wonderful I love you happy birthday buddy!


The Eldredge's said…
Awww what a cute post! Happy Birthday Law!! I can't believe he's 4 either!! Sniff sniff!! Miss you guys!!
Jessica Newman said…
I know a lot of people are sending there kids to preschool at three and I agree, that is just too young! I think one year before kindergarten is plenty! You can do it! You will love watching him learn and grow and make friends at school!
Mom / Nannies said…
It's hard to believe all the children in my life are growing up so fast! It's so hard to believe it has been 4 years already, he is such a sweetheart!

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