Happy Birthday Grey!

We had Grey's B-day planned all out with great fun things to do -I mean how often does a kid turn two?!
Well unfortunately I was still on my death bed and he was also starting to get sick so we had to improvise 
-Cole had to improvise 
And he did such an amazing job! From decorations to pizza and cake he had Grey's bday down pat! We all had a great time I'm so glad Cole was here to take over! Birthdays mean so much to me so I'm so glad he could make it a great day for Grey!

I love Grey he is a super happy boy! He's become SUPER independent and is often saying 
"No -IIIII do it!" 
which is hard for me because I still want him to be my baby boy oh well I guess they've gotta grow up sometime so I'll just enjoy the ride :')


Jessica Newman said…
Happy Birthday to Grey! I hope you are feeling better now. Good for Cole, what a great dad!
The Eldredge's said…
I AM THE WORST AUNTIE EVER!!! I was so distracted with Diana's surgery stuff that I didn't get a chance to call him to wish him a Happy Birthday!!! I am HORRIBLE!!! I am so sorry!!! Happy Birthday Grey!!! Miss you tons!!
Mom / Nannies said…
It was fun to see him, Cole's such a great dad!

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