The rest of our winter was good 
WAY too mild for my taste
 but we baked up a storm anyway :)
we scrapped up just enough snow to do one snowman
 We usually go to Hogle Zoo after finishing the Book of Mormon
this year we rode Trax up to Tracy Aviary
I didn't get many pics, the kids' favorite part was riding the train and a city bus lol!
It was great :D


JBandJess said…
ok chicka! Next time you know when you are coming this direction you need to get ahold of me, and I can get the whole gang together for lunch or the pool or something! I haven't seen you in forever! You and the family are as cute as ever! Hope everything is going well (it looks like it) and seriously call me next time you are here!!! Ill message you on facebook with my # or do you have an email?

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