splish splash...

I am a BIG fan of swimming lessons,
everyone E.V.E.R.Y.ON.E! should know/learn to swim.

-I'm not judging you if you don't agree but lets face it when the floods and fires come...
non-swimmers are going first. Sorry.

Haha, anyway -I think it's important for my kiddos to learn -nuff said! :D

My Prima Ballerina is a water baby FOR SURE!
it's very hard for her to wait her turn to get in the water so we practice our dancing in the meantime :)
 My boys with their wonderful teacher, Ashley
I give props to her BIG TIME! 
-since both my boys are...well...a little nervous about the water

ok really it's just Law that's "nervous" but with Ashley's help he's doing GREAT


Jessica Newman said…
I agree. Swimming is a great skill! We try to get the kids in the water as much as possible!
The Eldredge's said…
So fun! I have the feeling if we did swimming lessons Kennadee would be "nervous" like Law! She's 7 years old and still won't put her head in the water! I love Ashty's suit!!! So cute!!! I love her ballerina moves too!

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