wow I'm way over due for some updates!
We had the boys' B-days we did a big combined party at one of those bounce house places and everyone had a blast!
For Grey's big day he asked for waffles for breakfast
 and Hamburgers -from the grill- for dinner
(GREY don't EVER think your dad doesn't love you he gave you burgers in FREEEEZING weather -yes those are flipflops and shorts ;) )
 He got a RC race car
that ended up getting loved TO DEATH just hours after this photo R.I.P. little blue car
 and the movie How to Train Your Dragon
that ended up meeting its maker last month 
-we love our rough little man
 He OF COURSE wanted "KaPon pie" to end his bday :)
 For Law's big day he wanted BLUE pancakes, GREEN eggs, and bacon ?!?
-yeah I made that happen! hahaha!
 He also got an RC car -don't worry its in MINT condition to this day
thank Heaven we have ONE child that takes after his Daddy :)
 and ended his day with what he likes ALL his days to include
He was very happy with his muddy monster truck cake :)


The Eldredge's said…
How fun!! I love those boys!!! I'm glad they had good birthdays!

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