So Law has been toying with the idea of walking for quite some time now; walking along furniture, pushing things around while walking, and taking occasional steps without a support when coaxed. The other day I found him sneaking steps when he was alone but then he saw me and just sat down! Today, however, he has been getting up and walking all around on his own!! YAY! With no one coaxing or there to catch him! He has walked today just as much or more than crawled, I am so excited! And just in time to go to Texas too -so he can show off his new skills! :D


Rochelle said…
WooHoo!! Go Law go!!
Big Boy Law!! Way to go!!Love you!!
Rachael said…
YAY! Go Law! I am so excited. Be prepared for life to change now. When they learn to walk they run from you constantly. HA! Can't wait to see him in action.
I can't wait to see his mad walkin' skills!

Love you both!
Mom said…
I hadn't seen Law in a few months and I can't believe how great he is walking now!!!!

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