Poor lil' Law

Law has been sick, He always wants to sleep in mom and dad's bed when he's not feeling good
He wasn't breathing well and the doctor was worried so he had to get a steroid shot to open up his airways, he got a cool bandaid -
but he still wasn't very happy with it!
Poor baby!
Today he is doing much better, hopefully he'll continue to get better!
Thanks Rachael for being there for me and encouraging me to take him in! YOU ROCK!


Jeez Jay why didn't you tell me it had gotten that bad? I am so sorry I got him sick!! I really miss you!! Love you lots!!
Rochelle said…
Poor baby...I hope he is okay!! I hate when babies get sick, it's the worst!!
Rachael said…
Oh no poor Law! Both my boys have had croupe a few times. The steriod shots are never any fun. Its awesome how fast they work though. Hope he is back to his old self soon!
I am so sorry that he got sick! He is such a cutie and really good boy! I enjoyed having you both here!

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