So I am on a soccer team but after looking at these pictures I don't know if I'll stay or not
here I am running! my legs are way to long and gangley for this sport!
here is another good one see the red team girl- showing such effort, cutting left and right, going after the ball. Me- "oh no, you ladies run ahead I'll stay back here and guard the water jug.... That's right NO DRINK FOR YOU!!!"
ok but seriously I had a blast! I took a cleat to the face, my big toenail was ripped off and what was left is dark purple, not to mention I suck! the other team kept taking the ball from me. all-in-all a great game I don't know why they want me on the team but I'm glad!


Rachael said…
I didn't know you were playing soccer. That is so cool. You athletic ho you. I played soccer in 5th grade and I was soooo bad at it.
Good job Jay!! If I tried that I would never make it off the bench!! (since all the shape went out of my butt LoL)I am so proud of you!! Stick with it!! Love ya and can't wait to see you next week!!
That is so cool that you are doing sports again. All of the bumps and bruises should be familiar to you, since you always seemed to have some sort of sports related injury growing up.

I don't think your legs are too long and gangly, I think you look hot and I bet the other girls are jealous!

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