I know Mom... I never learn the 1st time.

So I was going to take a picture of this but I just couldn't get a good one. I have a big bruise on my chin, can you guess what from? Remember that time in the 7th grade I did the worm, hit my chin on the floor and had to get stitches? Yep that's right I did it again! No stitches this time just an ugly bruise! And no I don't regret it I totally looked awesome doing the worm! I am so amazed that I can even still do it! yay me!


Rachael said…
Ouch! Dude, I trip constantly. And who fell into a window well?
HAHAHA! You crack me up girl!
Rebeccah said…
OH MY GOSH!!! I totally remember you doing that! You my fine FINNNEE sista are so coool!
Mom said…
I am glad that you still have the enthusiasm to do fun things, just be careful so no more stitches, concussions, broken bones, tendonitis and torn ligaments!!!!

You enthusiasm used to cost you dearly.

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