Yesterday was my baby brother's birthday! Yep -a mayday baby! He turned 19! I wish I had a picture of him... OH WAIT-I DO! Hold on a minute.......TADA!
Here's Johnny!!
this is a picture of him awhile back at the scarecrow festival -he was a scarecrow, with our friend Charity
here's a picture of him climbing a rock wall he so tall its not hard for him to do he just reaches his giant arm up and touches the top!
and here is a picture of him and our oldest sister Diana -Brace faces! awe cute!
John lives in North Carolina so we didn't get to see him but we still celebrated his b-day by having chocolate chip pancakes
they didn't look that good but they were YUMMY! even Law thought so!
So happy birthday John I hope it was a great one! we miss you and love you!


That is so funny, I was just thinking today how I should post up something for Johnny's birthday and you beat me to it! Awesome!

I love the brace face picture! That is really cute!

John if you read this HAPPY BIRTHDAY little bro!

Love ya tons!
Happy Birthday Johnny!! That was so nice of you to do for him Jay!! You are awesome!! I can't wait to see you today!!
Mom said…
That is so sweet of you to do that for your bro. You have some fun pictures!!

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