A good healthy day of sickness :)
Remember how the Dr. used to make house calls?
Ok I don't either but here's the thing
2 out of 3 kids are suffering from ailments
#1 fever, sore throat, fatigue
#2 vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue
I swear we just got better didn't we??? 
I mean we had a really rough go a couple weeks back!
This isn't that bad or alarming but I'm just a little tired of illness
So today we are doing nothing!
Its 12:20 PM
NO ONE has gotten dressed
 2 babies crashed on the couch
and 1 in my bed.
I'm sitting with a pile of delicious cookies
and the day seems to be going along delightfully


Jessica said…
We have had a few years where we had sick seasons as well. I hope everyone gets better soon!
The Eldredge's said…
Oh man! That's my number one fear about moving back up there is getting sick all the time! I hope you guys get better!! You at least better be well when you come up here!

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