thank you Jolley Rancher for coming out with these candy canes!
Post Christmas sale -50cents/box of 12
$2.50 later we have 30 cane-dy hearts!
although thanks to my son's obsessive compulsive "matching" desires
 a couple definitely look like...well...another holiday.
a few heart papers -75cents/pack of 50
 Thick pink curling ribbon for 2 bucks and we were on our way!
Law was able to do this project all alone 
taping, hole punching, threading and tying!
Except I did write "from"on all the hearts
which was good because his hand was sore after writing his name on them all!
 his cute tiny hands worked so hard on this project!

They turned out pretty cute -I just hope they make it to his classmates in one piece!


Jessica said…
CUUUUTE! You are amazing for thinking ahead! That is my problem. I see all of that after Christmas candy and never think to use it for Valentines :)
The Eldredge's said…
Those are adorable! Great idea!

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