I took Law to the Dr this morning. Last night he developed some large, really concerning, pox-like pustules on his legs, an hour later it was on his arms, then his back and butt. Then this morning there were more. It was spreading FAST. Law's already had chicken pox and this was like no other rash I've ever seen. I was really freaked out and SO happy my mother-in-law could come to meet me at the dr's!
 -She's the best M-I-L EVER trust me I know :)
 We met with the Dr and were told Law had strep and that in severe cases strep could cause 3 different kinds of rashes -none of which were this. But given the appearance of the pox/rash she is sure it is bacterial and must be caused by the strep, and after a treatment of strong antibiotics he should be good to go :) I'm SO relieved that it wasn't something more serious! After seeing his pox this morning I was thinking FOR SURE they'll have to call the C.D.C.!
ok the picture does not even come close to doing it justice so just imagine!
 I'm so happy they didn't and that they didn't need blood-work or anything else that'd puncture the skin
 -he's not big on needles and the older/bigger/stronger he gets the harder time I have restraining him! Anyway after that we were on our merry little way to get medicine and go home! The medicine took longer than expected and the kids were hungry so we ran to grab a burger.
 The drive-thru worker must've known I had kids in the car when I ordered 3 cheeseburgers 
-no pickles -no onions -no mustard! 
They were SO sweet they threw in some kids' meal BOOKS for free! I can't even tell you how awesome that was ~now I had a little something new to entertain them for our wait. Law's throat was really hurting by the time we were heading to our house 
(Grey's was too :) because he's SO sympathetic!) 
Law was trying to tell me about these awesome smoothies Dad got him once after a dentist trip.
Love kids' minds 
"No it doesn't have fruit Mom, No not icecream, it's like ice that's blue or red..."
An Icee got it! 
What a horrible post-dentist trip "well that's one cavity filled -might as well get another one!"
 Totally NOT a smoothie, not anywhere close. Yuck.
But in lieu of the situation I conceded that that was a pretty good idea
So I ran into the Maverick by our place but the smallest size they had was 16oz so I asked if they had anything smaller and explained my kids were sick but they couldn't have a whole one
they didn't have anything smaller so I just filled the cups half way and went to pay.
The manager just waved me on saying it was on the house and he hopes the kids get better soon!
Way too nice!
We got home and I set the kids up with their anti-smoothies and a movie and just feel so blessed.


The Eldredge's said…
I'm so glad it wasn't something worse!!! I hope the antibiotics kick in quick and he gets better! Gotta love those tender mercies along the way!!
Jessica said…
We always seem to have the emergencies when Ty is unavailable! I am so glad LeAnn could come help out :)

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