Cole and I went to speak with Law's teacher and the principal this morning.
I'd worried and stressed and cried and prayed about this meeting for
A LOT of days!
I just wanted to go in,
have my concerns heard AND addressed
and over all come out with the conclusion that would be best for LAW
I knew I had to put all MY wants and prejudices aside and just let the Spirit guide things
-since who knows what's best for Law, better than his Heavenly Father?
I feel like things really went well 
we were able to pin-point a few key-factors in his stress levels,
and found solutions to try.
So he'll be staying in the class for now and we'll see how things go.
I really hope it works out 
and he'll return to the school-loving boy who loves to learn!
If not, well, we'll be meeting again :)
But for now I feel very comforted with what we've decided to do thus far.


The Eldredge's said…
Well that's good! I hope things get better for him! I've been worried about the poor guy.

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