So proud of me

I've never been good at being a girl.
I like playing and watching sports, I love the outdoors, I love guns, and gettin dirty
 -and probably have rougher hands then most men out there.
I'm not good at doing hair -or make-up -or dressing fashionably 
My clothes always end up getting stained and torn/worn through
-usually I blame it on having kids but really it's been that was my whole life :)
I talk with my mouthful, and eat like a horse.
Its just who I am.
Three-ish years ago, 
upon finding that we were about to have a little girl join our family
I decided -secretly- that I wanted more for this girl than what I was taught.
It's fine if she wants to like sports and all that
but she should probably be taught to brush her hair, and maybe even wear clean clothes :)
So I started getting better at girly things.
I started doing my hair, shaving on a more regular basis :*), applying make-up and learning different techniques, buying and using perfume, learned to sew, learned to read music, etc etc
not saying that these are things she'll HAVE to do or that you're an incomplete woman w/o them
they're just things I always wish I had learned -and it's NEVER too late to learn :)
When she was born -thanks to a wonderful sister-in-law
I had a huge supply of hair bows, headbands, cute girly clothes, decorations, bedding THE WORKS.
In the hospital I painted her toes 
-this has been my one saving grace my toes are ALWAYS painted I love it
not the fingers that'd last about 2 seconds before getting messed up
She was born with a big tuff of black hair and usually was sporting a bow/headband
and I've been learning and practicing doing her hair ever since
 -other than the 2x's I shaved her head
now knowing that long and boring history you can see why
I was so proud to accomplish this


The Eldredge's said…
So cute!!! She is such a pretty girl! I am proud of you!
Jessica said…
I love her hair! Great job :) You and I are polar opposites though. I am as girly as it gets.

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