church responsibilities

Cole just recently got called to be the ward mission leader, and I'm his companion. Cole teaches a Gospel Principles class, and I'm invited to attend and fellowship people. We visit people investigating the church, and new converts and teach/lead new member discussions. Cole meets every week with the full-time missionaries for correlation, to see who they're teaching and what they need from us. Cole meets every other week with our Bishopric and auxiliary leaders to discuss needs of the neighborhood and the missionaries' efforts. We share the responsibility -along with others, to find investigators, help teach before and after baptism, fellowshipping and helping people mature spiritually, and member retention. There's so much more I can't even remember but I'm REALLY excited to receive this call and support and work with him! Yesterday I got called into the Bishop's office and, assuming it had something to do with missionary work, was very surprised to find that they wanted me to be the secretary in the Relief Society presidency -also not instead of. I was assured that they usually don't try to load so much on one person (seeing as there is SSSSOOO much missionary work going on in our area) but they all felt VERY strongly that I was the person for this job. I'm really excited! I will have opportunities to get to know the women in the neighborhood, serve with the presidency, and have the chance to learn even more organizational skills -since we will have A LOT on our plate! :D


The Eldredge's said…
Oh my!! I'm sure you'll do great in both capacities! I loved/hated being in the RS presidency! It's a lot of work but very rewarding! Good luck with everything!
Jessica said…
Ty was ward mission leader while we were in Tennessee and I was in the Relief Society! You guys are going to be great! New callings are always overwhelming. Good luck!

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