Valentine's day was great.
I woke up and made cole some one-eyed bun-yups for breakfast
lol don't think about it too hard I'm pretty sure my father-in-law made that up
(I made french toast with a heart cut-out with fried egg inside) 
It always feels good to send him off to work with a full belly :)
Then some friends came over early and I made everyone heart pancakes and hung out.
Everything on our date turned out bad
Cole tried and tried to get a sitter -but date out was a no go.
SO he was so cute and planned a date night in
chinese take-out and a movie.
The food turned out to be less than par 
and the movie was a total bust.
BUT we had a great time together and that's all that matters :)
I feel bad when he tries so hard and everything falls apart
He's so cute and wants to do nice things for me so bad
what a good guy!


The Eldredge's said…
One-eyed bun-yups huh? I thought they were called eggs in a nest! LOL!! I may have to use that one! Bummer things didn't go as planned but sometimes those are the best dates!

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